Now I do think chiropractor burnout is a thing. I mean I haven’t heard of it before but that feeling of doing so many treatments is exhausting, but what is even worse is when I do a treatment and encounter a patient who isn’t able to pay for the service. Before it would put me in a difficult position, but I found Denefits offered payment plans that I could offer to my patients, and it’s made things super easy. Now at least I can help more people and still get the money I’m owed!

Amazing patient financing company. Recommended for all doctors to use. Always pays on time. And treats our patients and staff nicely.

It was super easy to get approved for a finance contract! I think it probably only took about 5 minutes to complete the application. Denefits had a lot of great contract options for me to choose from with different monthly payments which helped me pick the one that worked perfectly for me. Being approved for a finance contract couldn’t have come at a better time.

I love Denefits! While I do have insurance, the last time I went in for a treatment, I learned that my insurance wouldn’t cover it because it fell under “cosmetic” surgery. I was thankful when the dentist’s office asked me I’ve heard of Denefits before. After a quick explanation, I quickly jumped and said yes. I was accepted right away and it was an easy process. So far the payment has been everything that was explained to me and making small changes to my contract is a breeze. No complaints!

We’ve been using Denefits for about 6 months now and have no complaints. I’ve had my clinic for a long time and I know that regardless of who you are or how much money ya make medical bills are a pain in the a**!! Heck, even for me and I’m the one who sends the bills!! Not sure how they do it, but they do it. A few quick clicks and I have money coming in monthly, which I heard is good for business, ha!

My poor baby had been groaning in pain for days on end before I finally realized there wwas something wrong! Oliver is usually pretty vocal as it is, so it wasnt immediately clear that he needed to see the doctor. I took him to the pet hospital down the street from my home but feared looking at the price tag. No amount is too much to pay for my dearest Oliver but….mama still had to pay for it. I was SO RELIEVED to find out that the hospital offered affordable payment plans! I hadn’t heard of denefits before but was just happy that my baby could get the help he needed without me paying thousands of dollars up front.

Denefits has really helped our business grow with their payment plans software. Here in Saratoga Springs, NY, we have a smaller community but a lot of visitors so having this option was imperative for our office. You don’t have to be a resident of the town to be a patient. Things happen and when you are on vacation, sometimes those extra funds just are not available. For our office, we just ensure to get proper identification and proof of income. I can honestly say, without Denefits our little office would not be able to be open 6 days a week or be closed during the towns slow season. We still get payments during our closures! Denefits is top notch for us and we are happy to spread the word!

I was recently blindsided by the need for a dental implant but I didn’t have the $4K to complete the process. Denefits saved me! The application process was super easy and I didn’t have to worry about a credit check. A huge weight of worry was taken off of my shoulders! Thank you, Denefits!

Unfortunately, a lot of vets don’t offer payment plans, which sucks when it’s a situation of life & death for a pet. I first used Denefits when my vet mentioned it as a financing solution. I was getting ready to apply, but my vet said they didn’t need to run a credit check and that I’d be instantly approved! My credit isn’t the best either, so I thought I’d be denied so that was a relief. Throughout my contract, Denefits kept in touch and made sure I understood the charges. I personally never had an issue.

SHOUTOUT TO DAVE!!! I’m no financing guru, I just install fences, but my boy Dave at Denefits really came through for me. We had a demo scheduled yesterday morning (thank God he called me beforehand because I definitely forgot) & he walked me through the whole system. I really respect that level of patience and he didn’t even rush me off the phone when I asked him like a billion freaking questions! I was able to get a customer signed up for $6,600 fence installation just this afternoon that I otherwise woulda had to turn away. I’m excited to see what Denefits will do for my business going forward!!